Our Services

Asset Finance - Sourcing cash to purchase new or used vehicles, machinery and other equipment, or raising additional funds from existing assets not already subject to a financing agreement.

Banking Review - A full review of all existing funding lines in place, interest and fees rates, the level and nature of security held and terms and conditions applying.

In addition, a full review of the operational banking package in place, how deposits into accounts are effected, payments made to suppliers, employees, etc., electronically delivered services used, bank reconciliation procedures employed, credit / debit card processing, etc. and the commission
charges being levied.

The underlying objective of a review is to identify any opportunities for simplification of procedures, or any potential for cost reduction (either indirectly via back-office savings achieved through making more effective use of the services banks are able to provide, or directly through reduced bank interest / commission charges).

Business Plan - Assistance in producing a formal business plan, for the purpose of raising finance. Written from the perspective of a lending banker.

Commercial Mortgage - Sourcing appropriate, short or longer term, competitively priced mortgages over commercial property, on behalf of individuals, partnerships, limited companies, pension funds etc.

Construction Finance - Structuring and sourcing finance for Property redevelopment or new build Projects, residential or commercial.

Growth Finance - Helping a business structure and source additional funding for organic growth or to fund new ventures.

Import / Export Finance - support on funding international trade, the use of Documentary Letters of Credit, Bills of Exchange, Open Account, managing exposure to exchange rate volatility, use of foreign currency accounts, etc.

Invoice Finance - Raising finance specifically against the value of a debtor book, either by factoring or confidential invoice discounting.

Merger Acquisition Finance - Providing assistance in structuring and sourcing an appropriate funding package to finance company mergers or acquisitions, or to fund the purchase of a business from its current owners by an existing or incoming management team.

Trade Finance - The ability to finance one-off contracts (whether with UK or overseas customers) or contracts which do not meet the requirements of more traditional working capital facilities.

Working Capital Facilities - Structuring and sourcing finance for day to day trading requirements, either by way of a straightforward overdraft or via a funding package which might include other types of facility such as invoice finance, stock finance, trade finance, etc.